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The EarthStone Stones

The best stones for Hot Stone Massage are Basalt, which happen to be one of the most plentiful stones on the planet. Basalt, a type of igneous rock, was formed over thousands of years, deep inside the earth at very high temperatures and under intense pressure. According to our consulting geologist, this process created rock with geometric crystals that fit snugly together. Through volcanic or other geological activity, the rock reached the earth’s surface, cooled, and solidified into a dense stone capable of retaining heat for sustained periods.

Heat-retaining ability is only one important property of optimum massage stones. The stones must also be very smooth. For a stone to become smooth to the extent that we need it, it had to be washed by water for hundreds, even thousands of years in either a river, lake or ocean. Size and shape are also an important aspect for ideal massage stones. They need to be appropriate sizes and shapes for their specific function.

The stones that we use and provide for EarthStone Hot Stone Massage are quality basalt stones that are handpicked from Pacific beaches and Caribbean shores. When they arrive at EarthStone, they are sorted by our stone specialists who distinguish size, shape and smoothness. They are then washed and sterilized in boiling water, and again sorted so that only the very best stones are selected for sets. All single stones (heart, belly, sacrum and third eye) are carefully selected for their function. All the paired stones (toe, spinal, face and body) are carefully paired so each has at least one equal partner in terms of size, shape and appearance.

A quality, functional set of stones is imperative to performing optimal hot stone treatments. The EarthStone Complete Set was designed to fill all your treatment needs and will, literally, last forever.


The EarthStone Complete Set includes 48 beautiful, natural stones:                                                       

     1 heart stone
     1 belly stone
     1 sacrum stone
     1 third eye stone
     12 spinal stones
     8 toe stones
     10 face stones
     14 body stones
     Shore of Stones
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Each EarthStone Complete Set comes in a handy carrying bucket and includes an in-depth user manual and all the accessories you'll need: wooden utensils, net bags, fish net, rubber gloves and scrub brush.

Smaller specialty sets are also available.

EarthStone's sets all include optimum basalt stones in their natural state. When you receive your stones, you will notice that they aren’t black as in some photos, but varying shades of gray. They will appear black once you use them and they become coated with massage oil.