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About EarthStone

EarthStone is committed to providing quality education, products and supplies to massage therapists and bodyworkers. We believe massage and bodywork is essential to maintaining basic well-being and balance--physically, mentally and emotionally--as well as to restoring health to bodies affected by illness and injury. We embrace the benefit of using natural elements, such as heated stones, essentail oils, minerals salts and herbs to enhance our work. Our commitment to helping people restore and maintain wellness is fortified by combining the knowledge of scientific advances and the wisdom of the ages.

 Education: EarthStone offers training in hot stone massage and stone therapy. Basic, advanced and deep tissue classes are available for beginner and experienced Stoneworkers. Our Specialty Massage training teaches bodyworkers how to effectively utilize essentail oils, mineral salts, herbal and heat applications to enhance and benefit the effects of massage. We are committed to developing other opportunities for education and growth for massage therapists, to continually raise the bar for our profession. Carrie's Back  

EarthStone Hot Stone Massage is an integrative stone therapy that allows room for individual therapists to bring their own skills, knowledge and experience to their work. It's a blending of the best techniques from ancient stone healing traditions, current  scientific knowledge and innovative connective bodywork, offering a more comprehensive, effective methodology for the practice of stone massage.

Using very hot stones in massage works in concert with the body's physiological mechanisms to stimulate circulation, lymph flow and metabolism, soften and relax tight musculature, and melt and free fascial restrictions, more quickly and profoundly. The result is an overall sense of balance and well-being on every level.  Because the heat is doing some of the work, and the stone is used instead of fingers and thumbs, the therapist's body benefits as well.  
Yvette Hayden

EarthStone's Founder:  Yvette Hayden, BS, LMT, is a Licensed Massage Therapist in private practice for 13 years, a certified Aromatherapist for 18 years, and an educator for two decades. She taught massage at the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, and has developed and taught continuing education programs to massage therapists for 11 years, and is an NCBTMB provider. She has lectured on the benefits of massage and aromatherapy to massage therapists, medical professionals and special interest groups, and designs signature treatments and custom products for high-end spas.

Yvette developed EarthStone Hot Stone Massage Therapies after studying and using different stone methods in her pactice. Her studies included stone therapies with Native American, Asian and European roots, and varying methods and procedures. She brought this knowledge into her stone practice, expanding it to include current scientific knowledge and innovative connective bodywork techniques, while addressing specific needs of clients. Inevitably,  the best of techniques were synthesized , resulting in a more comprehensive, effective methodology for the practice of stone massage. That methodology became EarthStone's Hot Stone Massage and is taught in EarthStone's Hot Stone Massage Continuing Education programs. Through these programs, offered in massage schools, spas and private venues, hundreds of therapists have been trained in EarthStone Hot Stone Massage.

Later, Yvette added Specialty Massage training to the EarthStone education schedule.  She had been making body treatment formulations for years, using clay, grain, fruit, herbs, oils and any manner of "natural healing" substance, and creating unique massage protocols which she was asked to teach in private spas. After being approached by many private therapists, Yvette realized there was a need and desire for training for independent therapists who wanted to add specialty massage to their practice.  EarthStone Specialty Massage Training has been offered in massage schools, spas and private venues for 11 years.
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EarthStone Stones:  The standards for our Stones and the sets that we provide have come from years of working with and teaching EarthStone Hot Stone Massage to hundreds of therapists. EarthStone originally began creating stone sets to offer to workshop students who had trouble finding quality stones. It was difficult for them to know what to buy and who to buy from; it was sort of hit or miss. Out of concern for students and the quality of their work, EarthStone found sources for quality basalt stones and began to create sets optimum for performing the ultimate EarthStone Hot Stone Massage.

EarthStone Botanicals:  Massage Oils & Lotions, and Herbal Poultices:  All of EarthStone's Massage Oils and Lotions have been specially formulated to enhance the EarthStone Hot Stone Massage, and can be used in other body treatments and massage. In a base of fresh-pressed Grapeseed Oil, quality essential oils are blended into special scents, several of which are offered in the EarthStone Store. The same scents are also available in a rich, all-natural lotion. We also offer Herbal Poultices, made from organic herbs and essential oils; our formula is gentle, but effective (no toxic camphor).
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